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Frequently Asked Questions

Can any administrator access the platform?
Yes. All benefit administrators are welcome to access our website and supported content. We encourage administrators to utilize our benefit administration platform and gain knowledge through our site content. Our resources are offered to administrators throughout the United States.
What benefits are included in the platform?
All traditional Employee Benefits are included in the platform. The benefits include Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, Medical Indemnity, and Employee Assistance Programs. We encourage employers to explore all benefit options to determine which benefits should be offered.
What benefits are excluded in the platform?
Non-traditional “Employee Benefits” such as Legal Assistance Services, Dental and Vision Indemnity, Prescription Discount Programs, and Pet Insurance are omitted from our Website content. We do not believe these products effectively promote employee welfare.
Which carriers and entities are examined?
All major insurance carriers, professional associations, and regulatory agencies are researched to create a comprehensive data set of industry-related information. The carrier and entity information included in the platform acts as an educational resource for administrators.
How does theCENTURE act as a brokerage?
theCENTURE provides insurance brokerage services on behalf of employer clients. As broker, we represent the client in research of recommended benefit solutions. We are in constant search for mutually beneficial arrangements between our clients and contracted service providers.
How is theCENTURE brokerage compensated?
There are two methods by which theCENTURE is compensated. Our agency receives fee-for-service compensation OR commission-based compensation via service contracts. theCENTURE pursues fee-for-service compensation as such contracts clearly outline compensation details.

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