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Frequently Asked Questions

How is theCENTURE research different?

theCENTURE benefit solutions operates on a Benefit Timeline Calendar. Our Benefit Timeline Calendar organizes essential tasks to preserve integrity of our “due diligence research”. Administrators and employees benefit from a timely delivery of the benefit plan offering.

What types of plans should I offer?
Our recommended plan offering is simple. A benefit plan offering should promote wellness and financial security to the participating employee population. In addition, the plan offering is best integrated through ample communication platforms.
Which carriers should be researched?

All major carriers should be considered to fulfill market research. Other factors such as preferred provider network expansion and market investments should be considered. Every effort should be made to create sustainability between a carrier and th Holder (Employer).

What plans are available in the market?
In recent years, the benefits market has expanded to include many healthcare delivery models. The current benefits market includes traditional network plans, narrow network plans, managed care plans, accountable care plans, association health plans, and captive solutions.
Is "Active" Open Enrollment required by law?
Employers may offer “Active” or “Passive” Open Enrollment. Studies show that the majority of employers offer “Passive” Open Enrollment. Due to the enforcement of Employer Mandate penalties, employers should evaluate all aspects of the benefit offering prior to renewal.
When should benefit plans renew?
Benefit renewals may occur on a “Calendar Year” or “Plan Year” basis. Fiscal budgeting and benefit resets should be considered to determine if changes should be made to renewal effective dates and employees should be informed of the impact any renewal date changes.

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